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Hogwarts Legacy XDelta Update Update 3 – Update 4 [P2P] / hogwarts legacy update 4 download

Hogwarts Legacy patch notes: Update changes explained on PC


Build Version – 1126182
Developer Note – This patch addresses overall gameplay, performance, and stability as
well as online connection improvements.


  • Improve player account network registration and tracking.
  • Fixed DLC-related issues in the pause menu and gear menu.
  • Fixed DLC flying mount inventory issue potentially disappearing during a mission.



  • Fixed blocker issue when unlocking the bandit camp cage before starting the mission. Resolves the following reported issue: HL-437
  • Fixed not being able to complete a quest during a specific conversation with Madam Kogawa missing from her desk. Resolves the following reported issue: HL-1173
  • Fixed avatar getting stuck between barrel and furnace by jumping or opening the tool wheel.
  • Fixed a duplication collision next to one of the store entrances.
  • Fixed issue with waypoints being in the air instead of the ground within Hogsmeade.
  • Fixed objective maker being over Fig properly after the waiting period.
  • Fixed missing exit prompt on some doors within Hogwarts.
  • Fixed opening butterfly chests other than the intended chests for a quest doesn’t count toward mission progression. Resolves the following reported issue: HL-5620
  • Fixed butterflies not appearing at the specified area to progress the mission again. Resolves the following reported issue: HL-4807
  • Fixed incorrect merge mission progression.
  • Fixed stability issue in the Spoons in the Potions classroom.
  • Fixed stars being present when focusing telescope during Astronomy class on low settings. Resolves the following reported issue: HL-3032
  • Fixed stars brightness and pop issues with Astronomy mini-games.
  • Fixed shields not displaying correctly during Crossing Wands missions.

Broom Flight

  • Fixed player getting trapped while mounting a broom while on or rotating a statue.
  • Fixed not landing on the Viaduct bridge.
  • Fixed mesh breaking when avatar mounts broom after teleporting in an open area.
  • Fixed flash and shuttering when mounting any broom.

World Events

  • Fixed wagon carts clipping into one another while avatar is blocking them.
  • Fixed occasional respawning duplication of One-Man Band in Hogsmeade.


  • Fixed issue with characters that do not have hair.


  • Fixed broom speed parameters.
  • Fixed enemy shields not displaying correctly during Cross Wands missions.
  • Fixed enemy shields disappearing after being hit several times.
  • Fixed visibility of constellations at the astronomy table.
  • Fixed Dark Wizard Extortionist AOE lightning VFX attack remaining on screen.


  • Fixed audio of waterfall in the cliffside based on avatars proximity.
  • Update the latest audio sound banks.
  • Resolved localization and VO selection properly playing correctly.


  • Updated localization strings
  • Fixed female avatar face appearing different from the creation preview during gameplay. Resolves the following reported issue: HL-543
  • Fixed transition between UI purchase window and forced conversation with vendors.
  • Fixed map showing the wrong path to the map chamber.
  • Fixed damage being represented when an enemy is hit with transformation and Ancient Magic Throw. Resolves the following reported issue: HL-4810
  • Improve tracking for Room of Requirement.
  • Fixed Ansel issue when FOV is set too high.
  • Fixed UI controller icons displaying correctly based on controller platform type.


  • Updated facial animations.
  • Fixed NPC treadmilling during the House Cup.
  • Fixed blurred texture and LOD pop.
  • Fixed Avatar robes appearing before Fig makes them appear before the sorting ceremony.


  • Improve stability and performance after long play-throughs.
  • Improve VFX performance while raytracing.
  • Improve performance by batching and caching raytracing buffers.
  • Removed fog volumes for better BVH performance.
  • Fixed RTAO making decals black.
  • Fixed directional light shadows.
  • Fixed shadows on trees.
  • Fixed performance of the culling of lights in the front end.

Save Game

  • Fixed not being able to talk to Vendors during sequential saves after the issue was patched. Resolves the following reported issues: HL-412, HL-494, HL-590, HL-5260
  • Fixed streaming in and out after getting the ‘Dung Bomb’ field guide and loading a manual save.
  • Fixed an issue when turning off the title and loading an auto-save during final credits causing an infinite loading screen.
  • Fixed voice pitch setting save issue with avatar.

Performance and Stability

  • Fixed streaming issues throughout Hogwarts.
  • Fixed crash when the common room is being shown to the player.
  • Fixed crash with skeletal mesh.
  • Fixed crash with deflection impacts.
  • Fixed crash when reading dictionary files.
  • Fixed performance when using ancient magic squash finisher on elevated Thornback Ambusher in Rune Door arena. Improve rendering performance of translucent objects.
  • Fixed crash during a story graph.
  • Fixed streaming of plants in the Slytherin Common Room.
  • Fixed several memory leaks.
  • Fixed crash with map icon state.
  • Fixed crash with invalid UI.
  • Fixed streaming out of the Great Hall while navigating Hogwarts. Resolves the following reported issue: HL-71
  • Fixed crash during audio occlusion checks around the player.
  • Fixed crash when using explosive barrels.
  • Fixed crash when using Incendio spell.
  • Fixed crash when using Accio, Confringo, or Stupefy.
  • Fixed crash when updating gear items.
  • Fixed crash recursive crash with Solomon’s shields.
  • Fixed crash with mount zones.
  • Fixed crash during combat cursed lifetime.
  • Fixed crash during and spawning race on a broom.
  • Fixed occlusion culling with doors opening and closing.
  • Fixed occlusion culling issue.
  • Fixed a crash when traveling to Professor Fig’s classroom.
  • Fixed crashes related to Niagara and destructible-related VFX.
  • Fixed a crash with damage over time not registering correctly.
  • Fixed crash spawning actor not being stored correctly.
  • Fixed crash with spawning actors correctly.
  • Fixed crash during character creation. Resolves the following reported issue: HL-232
  • Fixed optimization animation instancing.
  • Fixed crash with moving stairs.
  • Fixed crash with VFX after prolonged play-throughs.
  • Fixed crash-related transformations in Overland.
  • Fixed crash dealing with object state.
  • Fixed crash with parrying in combat.
  • Fixed crash with VFX AOE.
  • Fixed crash with hints.
  • Fixed crash with achievements with an invalid online user id.
  • Fixed crash while speaking to Rackham.
  • Fixed crash when using Wingardium.
  • Fixed performance drops experienced during the longevity of the game.
  • Fixed performance drop in the Divination classroom.
  • Improve VRAM usage, especially for video cards with reduced memory.
  • Fixed raytracing lighting performance in the front end.
  • Fixed using Ansel while a spell is being cast.
  • Fixed using Ansel while the avatar is riding a broom.
  • Updated shader compilation with the latest PSO cache.
  • Fixed lighting optimization with Nvidia drivers.


  • Resolved 32:9 aspect ratio issue when using an Ultrawide monitor. Resolves the following reported issue: HL-260
  • Fixed Ansel issue when FOV is set too high.


  • Updated “Special Thanks” credits and legal lines.
  • Updated minimum Nvidia and AMD video driver recommendations.


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All Credit To Magician

use at your own risk, I recommend to backup the modified files just in case


Open “Hogwarts Legacy Update 4.exe” And Seletet Your Game directory and install It

Re-apply Crack Only


  • Requires Hogwarts Legacy Update 3 installed

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