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How To Fix Cricket 24 White Screen Error [100% Working Method]

Why Getting White Screen Error ?

Ross Symons, Big Ant Studios CEO, revealed how Cricket 24 fights piracy. The measures include white screens, endless rain, turning off the controller, and other creative actions.

Symons said the ‘bugs’ really helped: Steam sales went up 300%. He added that this is not all the team has in store, so you’d better buy the game if you don’t want to see how else the piracy protection can do. On the positive side, if you ‘repent’, you can continue your progress in the legal version.

Possibly, the number of illegally downloaded copies is connected to the prices in some regions: there are plenty of Cricket fans saying they’re way too steep. So far, Symons isn’t planning to reduce them, saying it didn’t help in the past. The game also won’t appear in the Steam Summer Sale.

Here Is the Fix of this Error

Credits: Video Guide By Amol1994, and FIX By Enough_Article_3127

Needed Software(cheatengine):-

Video Guide: – Open In New Tab

  1. Go to Cricket 24 Documents folder, mine is located – C:\Users\MY_USERNAME\Saved Games\Cricket 24
  2. open up config.ini.
  3. change “brightness=” value to “0.57”.
  4. save the file and make it read only.
  5. Launch cricket 24
  6. open up cheat engine and select the process of cricket 24, and then search using the “value type” as “float”. Type “0.57” and click “First Scan”.
  7. change the gamma value in cricket 24 and max it. (use the slider and move all the way to the right.
  8. change scan type to “Increased Value” and click “Next Scan”
  9. Then change the gamma value slider all the way to the bottom and change scan type to “Decreased Value” and click “Next Scan”.
  10. Repeat steps 9-11 until you are left with one single address. THE ADDRESS SHOULD BE – “4007C809644”
  11. Double click that address so that it comes to the bottom table
  12. keep playing the game until screen goes white.
  13. Right click the address and click “Find out what writes to this address”.
  14. Right click the first instruction and click “Replace with code that does nothing NOP”
  15. make sure that the value is now “0.5” (or whatever you want the gamma to be) AND ensure that it is active on the box on the left.

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