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Three methods to bypass Windows 11 Requirements

Method 1: Create your own installation media
The steps necessary to remove the “Secure Boot” and “TPM 2.0” requirements error when attempting to install Windows 11 Consumer Preview

  1. Obtain the newest available Windows 10 ISO from Micro$0ft;
  2. Already have made your Windows 11 USB Installer using Rufus;
  3. Mount Windows 10 ISO;
  4. Find and locate the folder named Sources on the mounted ISO;
  5. Copy all of the files in the Sources folder of the mounted ISO except for install.wim/install.esd;
  6. Navigate to the Windows 11 bootable USB Installer that you have previously created in your File Manager;
  7. Open the Sources folder on the Windows 11 bootable USB Installer;
  8. Paste the previously copied contents/files from the Sources folder on the mounted Win 10 ISO to the Sources folder of the Windows 11 bootable USB Installer, and make sure to replace the files present in the Windows 11 USB Installer Sources folder;
  9. Boot from Windows 11 USB Installer;
  10. Profit from not having the requirements of Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 being enabled in place.

Method 2: Modify Registry
The method involves simply editing Windows Registry during the installation process of the new operating system. On unsupported devices, if a user try to install the new OS, a message will appear on the screen stating that the computer is not compatible.

At that screen, a user need to press Shift+F10 to open Command Prompt window and modify the registry. In Command Prompt, user need to run regedit.exe and create a new key “LabConfig” under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Setup. In the “LabConfig” key, create two new entries:



Save the changes and then hit the back arrow at the top left of the screen, then click next.. compatibility errors will disappear.
Otherwise, user can also create a .reg file with the following line of code:


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Save this as (.reg) file in a USB drive and perform a clean installation of Windows 11 when it is officially released. During the installation process, press Shift + F10 and type notepad and hit enter.
In Notepad, open the file menu and locate and apply the reg file. This will bypass the TPM+SecureBoot requirements.

Method 3: Replace appraiserres.dll
To avoid setup TPM error, a user must download the appraiserres.dll on the website or from the Windows 10 ISO image and exchange it with the one in the “sources” folder of the Windows 11 iso image..

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