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Windows 10 Neon Gamer Edition Pro 21H1 19043.1237 x64 CompactLite Pre-Activated / Windows 10 Superlite Free Download / Neon Gamer Edition / Gamer Edition


Neon Gamer Edition Windows 10 21H1 19043.1237 x64 Pre-Activated is a customized Windows 10 build that removes unnecessary software and services to optimize a faster and smoother build.

General Information

  • Version: Windows 10 Neon Gamer Edition (19043.1237).iso
  • OS build: 22H1 (19043.1237)x64
  • Arch: x64
  • Compression: esd
  • File Size: 1.6 GB
  • Supported Languages: English during install, Additional Languages after
  • Treatment: Windows are activated

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM: 2GB or Higher
  • Hard Disk: Atleast 25gb or Higher
  • Processor: 2-4 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with 2 cores or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor

Windows 10 Neon Gamer Edition has support for:

  • Bluetooth
  • WLAN Connectivity
  • LAN Printing
  • Network Sharing
  • Printing
  • Mobility Center
  • Speech
  • Voice Recognition
  • XBOX Controllers
  • On Screen Keyboard
  • Tablet Mode
  • Wireless Screen Casting
  • All Keyboard Nationalities
  • All Administrative Tools
  • Metered Connection
  • Safe Mode
  • God Mode
  • MS Store
  • MS Account
  • Language Packs
  • UWP Apps
  • XBOX Services
  • Azure AD
  • Game Mode
  • Developer Mode
  • Remote Access
  • Right Click cmd and Powershell on Desktop
  • Right Click cmd and Powershell in ExplorerLock Screen Control
  • Small Footprint (3.2 GB Installed)And More!…


  • Defender
  • Cortana
  • WinSXS
  • WinRE
  • Edge
  • Windows Mail
  • Backup and Restore
  • Mixed Reality
  • Hyper-V
  • OneDrive
  • Some Fonts
  • Additional Windows Features
  • Bitlocker
  • And more…


  • Power Throttling
  • Ads
  • Automatic Maintenance
  • Download Blocking
  • Timeline
  • Error Reporting
  • UAC
  • Telemetry
  • Hibernation
  • PageFile
  • Windows Firewall

Integrated Software

  • DirectX Legacy Runtimes (DX9, DX10, DX11)
  • Visual C++ Runtimes (2005 – 2022) x86 and x64
  • Theme Patcher
  • Win 7 Calculator
  • 7Zip
  • Start Is Back
  • Old New Explorer
  • Win Aero Tweaker
  • Everything Search Engine
  • Firweall Kill / Engage Shortcuts
  • Windows Update Service Kill / Engage Shortcuts
  • Dark Theme Fix
  • 7 Included Games
  • 23 Themes
  • Neon Icons

Optional Software

  • Activator
  • TinyWall FireWall
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Action Center Enabler / Disabler
  • IrfanView
  • mpc-be
  • uTorrent
  • IObit Driver Booster
  • Panda Free AntiVirus
  • Pot Player
  • qBitTorrent
  • AIMP
  • Rufus

Recommended for advanced users
For Clean Install Only

For members who are not aware, many lite / superlite builds remove many things such as included MS Apps (Defender, Mail, Calendar, OneDrive, BitLocker etc.) and they aren’t meant to be brought back. It’s intended for people who are looking for a leaner Windows experience, more as a core operating system to run their own apps and games, not depending or relying on MS’s included apps, browsers, a/v etc. This build follows that tradition.

Some services and features are also removed / disabled, and performance tweaks implemented, which makes it a Lite / SuperLite build :)

 One that can provide a smoother, more responsive, less resource hungry OS for interested members.

If anyone wants their taskbar to be transparent like in the screen shots, just change the preinstalled ‘StartIsBack’ settings to the follwing:

I also recommend enabling the ‘shell liposuction’ settings, by checking both of the ‘Do Not Prelauch’ Boxes in the ‘Advanced’ Settings Tab. Will save you a couple hundred MB of RAM usage.

  • .NET Framework 3.5: Pre-Installed
  • DirectPlay: Enabled
  • MS Store: Included
  • SMB1: Enabled
  • SNMP: Enabled
  • Network Adapter Drivers: Included

This build cannot receive future OS Features and Updates, and is intended to be that way. Because of this, the OS will remain stable, and the size of it will not grow exponentially like full Windows installs tend to, but remain the same.

To all interested members, thank you for your support, but please be aware that this is a light version of Windows. It does not have every feature in it, many things have been removed to allow it to function with greater performance and less system requirements than Full Windows can offer. If it is missing a feature, or service that you think you need, chances are it was removed intentionally, and can’t be brought back. This Windows was designed with most users in mind, which is why it has most essential features and services included. I try to make builds that are highly functional, yet still very light as far as resources and HDD space requirements are concerned. You have been warned. Please don’t ask me to add things, fix things, change things, or enable things. I’m not going to respond, or start giving tutorials, use Google. I sincerely hope you enjoy my builds, I am very passionate about light Windows, and hope they provide a good experience for you. If not, maybe another light version will better suit your needs, or perhaps full Windows is what you require.



You will need to ENABLE the Windows Update Service if you want to install additional language packs, install apps from the MS Store, or to let Windows automatically download and install drivers. It is disabled by default, but there is a shortcut to enable it in the start menu (in the ‘tools’ folder).

Some services are disabled by default. If you need them, run ‘services.msc’ and change the startup type of any desired service from disabled, to manual, and apply. (ie, XBOX services, touch keyboard service, biometric service)

Timers & HPET

Three shortcuts were added to the start menu in (Tools – Gaming).

Please note, these steps are completely optional, you’re welcome to try it, or just leave it alone, it’s completely up to you. This will reduce the memory polling rate on your PC, to provide more accurate real-time information of the memory. Reduces input delay, less lag / stutter, boosts FPS, provides smoother gaming. (less FPS drops, lower micro-stuttering).

(Recommendations are that you restart your PC after each step).

Run the Shortcut 01 Reset bcdedit
This hard resets all the bcdedit values on your PC, in case changes were made after OS installation. I added more reset values for safe precautions before you move over to STEP 2.

Run the Shortcut 02 Disable Timers
This disables the timers on your hardware / system and that’s why it’s really important that you have ISLC running and starting with your PC as shown below.


Run the Shortcut ISLC
**Make sure you check the all the boxes where the red dots show on the picture below**
After checking the marked boxes, also change the ‘Wanted Timer Resolution’ value to 0.50 then click Start

Always have ISLC running in the background on your PC after disabling timers in step 2, otherwise it could make your windows experience unstable, especially in game. *Just make sure you have performed STEP 1 & STEP 2 once for ISLC to be running properly, and starting with your PC.

How do I revert my changes if I don’t like them?

If you don’t like the changes, just run the shortcut 01 Reset bcdedit and then unmark all the red dots inside ISLC instead of having them marked and then right click on ISLC on system tray and hit EXIT. Now restart your PC. (You are now back to normal values).



Torrent – Click Here

DL.s1 – Click Here

DL.s2 – Click Here

DL.s1[500MB] – Click Here

Mega[500MB] – Click Here


Not pre-activated, Activator included in 0ptional Folder if needed

install Notes

Use your favorite USB app to create a bootable usb drive
Need to prepare your computer driver before installing this build.
After installing, restart the computer about 3-4 times to optimize it.

Installation Method

  • Ventoy
  • Rufus

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